HJR Retail Group B.V. is a direct importer for Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning Detergents, new and used Industrial Machinery in Europe and other countries worldwide.

As for Africa our focus is to target on the sales and service of professional cleaning equipment and detergents to Tanzania, Kenya, EAC and South Africa.

With more than 20 years knowledge and experience with Cleaning and Industrial Equipment, operational business and several years of being active in the EAC we know what customers and Africa need and are happy to advice Professionals, Importers, Distributors and Entrepeneurs.

HJR Retail Group B.V. has it´s slogan " for a clean environment "
As a family company we stand for affordable cleaning machines, equipment, tools and detergents and for that reason we sell new, used and refurbished machines all around Europe,
as well to the Middle East, Africa, USA, South America and Australia
We take sales and business personal, sell and buy with trust and confidence

Cleaning at his best, new and used refurbished cleaning equipment for Warehouse, Factory, Fairground, Hotel, Resort, Airport, Train Station, Street and City Cleaning
All of this you find in our new Cash & Carry Cleanstore Nederweert / The Netherlands

Summer Time is mainly dust and special attention on a clean parking lot, clean Workspace for Visitors, customers and a better working place for employees

we offer a fully refurbished ride on sweeper Hako Jonas Sweepmaster 980 Battery powered with new GEL batteries, new battery charger, new brooms ………….

HJR Retail Group B.V. is also your partner for the entire Karcher Professional Cleaning Line

For sale a fully reconditioned heavy Ride on scrubber drier with sweeper unit
This Karcher BR 120-250 RI BP Pack is from 2012, 539 working Hours and just fully refurbished and Fresh service

Karcher Professional BR 120-250 RI, fully reconditioned and ready to work

Huge Ride on scrubber drier Gansow Titan 352 BF 130, handmade in Germany, fully service, ideally suitted for shopping center, factory, warehouse,parking garage, airport and much more..

Heavy Duty Ride on Scrubber Drier Gansow Titan 352 BF 130, the big thing ex Volkswagen, Germany

Transport with airfreight is possible - Distributors wanted for used refurbished and new cleaning equipment 

Water vacuum cleaner various sizes from 15 L - 90 L, 1000 - 3000 W, at wholesale prices directly from importer

Water vacuum cleaners Budget Clean 15 L - 90 L, 1000 - 3000 W, direct from Importer
READ THE PRESS RELEASE at www.howwemadeitinafrica.com
Dutch group launches business opportunity in commercial cleaning industry
Worldwide Shipping can be arranged in containers frequent cargo goes to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Mombasa (Kenya), Durban (South Africa), Melbourne (Australia)

Carpets and Floors need care and a good hygiene especially in Hotels, Resorts, Public Buildings, Homes ......
HJR Retail Group B.V. is the specialist for new, nearly new, used and refurbished carpet and floor cleaning equipment

HJR Retail Group - Cash & Carry Cleanstore Nederweert / The Netherlands is open on saturdays from 10 - 17 hr.
Dealers, Exporters and Traders who present a valid VAT ID Number what will be checked before will pay NO VAT at our place.
Payment in advance by wire, No cash payments accepted.

Located directly on A 2 Maastricht - Eindhoven (Netherlands), Exit No. 39
in the Industrial Estate besides McDonalds

In our cash & carry clients will find a selection of soaps, cremes, baby care products, shampoo, household and industrial cleaning products, hygienic paper, Tissues, Cleaning machinery and more...

Serving the Cleaning and Hospitaity Industry Worldwide and follow the Ethic Codes of the ISSA Organisation